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    Nimble for NAS or SAN storage

    Dani Simanjuntak Newbie

      Hi Experts, I'm newbie for storage.
      I want to ask about Nimble Storage, Can I use Nimble for SAN storage?
      How it works?



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          rfenton Tracker

          HI Dani


          Welcome to Connect and Nimble!


          Absolutely, we are a block-based device so your host whether it be physical, virtual or hypervisor can communicate to the array over Fibre Channel or iSCSI.  If you need file acces you can do this via presenting a volume to Windows or Linux and resharing from there (there are some key advantages to doing it this way as well for file sharing)


          There is a great quick overview of Nimble here

          Intro Whiteboard: Nimble Storage Is Transforming the IT Industry


          What you will find is Nimble is very easy to deploy and manage, you won't need to become a storage expert to deploy one.  The very best way to get more info would be to talk to one of our local account teams and they can assist to help understanding your requirement and how potentially Nimble maybe able to assist.  If you contact me directly I will put you into contact with the correct people


          kind regards