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In Guest iSCSI setup on vSphere

Question asked by Sammy Bogaert on Nov 21, 2014
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i'm about to set up networking for in guest SCSI (on Linux VMs) running on vSphere.


My idea is to give the VM 2 vNICs where one has a pNIC active on Fabric A (we're running on UCS) and the other on Fabric B.  Now for a vmKernel setup, we need to set the 'not-active' adapter to Unused on the portgroup.  But for an in-guest iSCSI setup, it's not really clear to me if this is also the case.for in Guest SCSI.  I found some documentation for Equalogic devices where they set the not-active NIC to 'Standby'.


Does anybody have guidance on how to set this up on Nimble?