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Snapshot Schedules - Best Practice?

Question asked by Joe Eberhardt on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by Carl Von Stetten

I'm looking to see if anyone has developed a best practice in regards to prioritizing the servers in the environment and creating a volume collection to capture snapshots for them. My original thought was to create a High, Medium, and Low priority volume collection and set snapshot schedules for each of them. I am still fairly new with the way that Nimble captures and stores it's snapshots and have been reading some other community posts that help explain the difference between Dell, EMC, etc. and Nimble to get a better idea of how Nimble separates themselves from the others.


95% of our clients that we're putting in SANs are not extremely diverse with Exchange and SQL database sitting on different volumes than the VM itself, etc. I read an article that made a statement that 50% of clients that have installed a Nimble are storing over a months worth of snapshots. I am used to working with other vendors in a previous job where you'd store maybe 1 weeks worth before purging out the oldest.


Has anyone developed this type of schedule (high, medium, low) and prioritized the volumes into a collection for snapshot storage? If so, how often are you capturing snapshots in each collection? How many are you retaining? Is there a better way that I should be thinking about the snapshot retention for the smaller to mid-sized businesses?


Thanks in advance