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    Microsoft Cluster Snapshot Sync Question

    Christopher Gangl Newbie

      We have a SQL cluster with the nimble as the shared storage iscsi target. The NCM is installed.

      When setting up the volume protection I can only enter one server as the sync server, but the drives are connected to all servers in the cluster and in the case of a failover from the preferred node the proper server may not hold the drives currently.

      Is there a way to set this up so we can snapshot with out errors no matter which node the work load is on?

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          David Tan Adventurer

          There are two ways I can think of....


          1. Commvault can do it all for you with intellisnap


          2. Depending on your network setup, create a new ip resource on the cluster that nimble can talk to, that sits in the same cluster group as sql. Configure nimble to use this ip for its vss snapshots.

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            Paul Frisoli Adventurer

            Hi Christopher,


            I hope you are well. I believe what you are attempting is to Cluster SQL using a Nimble volume. My thought is you will need to setup a volume that will serve as the quorum disk and on that you would need to enable "multiple initiator access" when you build the volume, and setup an initiator group containing both those server IQN's. This volume would serve as the quorum for the SQL cluster. You would also have a volume defined and available to both servers to service the database and log files, of which, you could then define snapshots with VSS enablement to ensure quiescence of the data. I would suggest a quick call with Support to check my thoughts on setup and configuration for this build. Hope this helps! Paul


            PS: I saw the mention of Commvault within this thread and that is another way to service the SQL Cluster.