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    CLI Command to verify Disk Usage & Compression

    Nick Furnell Wayfarer

      I'm trying to run compression stats for Veeam on Nimble Volumes. Using iSCSI UNMAP between each test to clean up - but the reported GUI Used Space goes up. Trying to verify the best 'Veeam compression' option, to support my presentation which I am doing, on behalf of Nimble next week at VeeamOn.


      Is there a CLI command to view Used disk space & compression ratios.. I am not convinced that the GUI is not updating correctly?


      I am following:-





      I'm running on ESXi 5.5 - and looked for on-line for any relevant CLI commands, but could only find a PowerCLI snap in on Nimble Connect but it wont install? https://connect.nimblestorage.com/thread/1277


      Ultimately I want to recommend an optimum compression setting, then maybe use this script to standardise the jobs.



      Thank you