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SQL/Exchange on VMDK Questions

Question asked by Bill Blair on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by Mark Harrison

I have a few questions for a new install.  Both data and logs for SQL and Exchange will reside on vmdk's.  We plan to separate the OS, data & logs onto different datastores.


  1. Is the Window's NPM required on the VM to take application consistent snapshots?  Or is it handled by the VMWare tools?
  2. Is it safe to set the performance policy of the datastore of the data and logs to VMWare5?  Assuming they used the default allocation size for NTFS.
  3. For the snapshots synchronization I assume I would set it to VMWare.  Correct?
  4. For SQL, they are planning to setup replication via a log shipping tool.  Is there anything special to take into account?
  5. For SQL, if I have multiple databases sharing a datastore for data & logs is there an issue with them all taking a backup at the same time?


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