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Duplicate IP Address Detected

Question asked by Nick Furnell on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by Nick Furnell

Has anyone seen these error messages before? We started seeing these e-mails after upgrading our CS220G to the 2.1.4 Firmware BUT we also installed a pair of Brocade Switches within a very short period of time. So it's a little hard to tell which is causing the issue, although we checked the Brocade logs for IP/MAC address clashes and didn't find anything. Are there any logs on the Nimble that may help?  We generally see these messages when the Nimble is under load eg. Backup Job running

Again this may be a red herring. I am interested in anyone's thoughts.


Type: 12212

Id: 22675

Message: A duplicate of IP address is found in the network.


Group Name: Pines-Nimble

Group ID: 8319827154462659106

Array name: Pines-Nimble

Serial: AC-xxxx



Arrays in the group:


Name                  Serial            Model       Version          Status


Pines-Nimble          AC-xxx         CS220G-X4 reachable