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    Nimble Setup Manager Questions

    Michael Lindsey Newbie

      Just getting started with Nimble, I have it racked and connected to the switch. I am also directly connected to the same switch/network, but the Nimble Setup manager will not find the array. Any suggestions?


      It's on a 10.1.45.X network. I am attached to that same switch and am getting a address. There is no DHCP but I cannot find the array to configure the interface.



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          The Nimble Setup manager must be installed on your windows machines. The array is using a UDP broadcast to announce itself to the install software (no IP assignment needed) on the same subnet.


          Things of note:

               You must be running the same level of install software to OS. So 1.X software for 1.4 code, and 2.X software for 2.X code.

               I have seen switches auto-disable the eth1 ports as they see the UDP broadcast as a port storm.


          Make sure the both nimble controllers are running - press the power button once (quick push tell the passive controller to boot)


          As a last resort:

          Run the serial console software with the following settings:

               Data bits: 8

               Parity: None

               Stop bits: 1

               Speed: 115.2Kbps

          Log in as user admin with the password admin.

               Attach to the serial port on the A ctrl - and run "setup" form the commend line.  If the password doesn't work, then the B ctrl is active. Move cable to b ctrl and try "setup" from there.


          As always you can call support and they will help you immediately.


          Setup can be run interactive or as a single command line.


          Here's an example of just doing the setup from a single command line:

          $ setup --name nimbleclisetup --domainname admin.nimblestorage.com  --dnsserver --ntpserver time.nimblestorage.com --timezone America/Los_Angeles --subnet --subnet_type management,data --subnet --subnet_type management,data --subnet

 --subnet_type management,data --subnet --subnet_type management,data --array_ipaddr --discovery_ipaddr --data_ipaddr --data_ipaddr --data_ipaddr --data_ipaddr --support_ipaddr --support_ipaddr  --default_gateway

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            Amirul Islam Adventurer

            Also try the following:


            Remove all network connections to both controllers but leave only one.

            Remove all connections from the controllers to the switch and connect your laptop directly to eth0/M on one controller using a UTP cable. If that doesn't work, try the other controller.