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Volume Space Used Larger Than Volume Size?

Question asked by Randy Stowell on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by Randy Stowell

Here's the odd question of the day.


I've got this one volume that is showing some weird stats where the used space is greater than the volume size.

CS220 is running NOS 2.1.4.

Nimble volume - 70 GB

ESXi DataStore - 70 GB

Windows volume size created on datastore - 60 GB

The volume is simply a file store on an SFTP server so there's a lot of data churn going on over time.


Volume Info:

Performance policy: VMware ESX

Block size (bytes): 4096

Reserve: 0.00%

Warn level: 90.00%

Quota: 100.00%

Snapshot reserve: 0.00%

Snapshot warn level: N/A

Snapshot quota: unlimited

Snapshot count: 2

Volume usage (MB): 109350

Volume compression: 1.02X

Volume space saved (MB): 2659

Snapshot usage (MB): 12748

Snapshot compression: 1.03X

Snapshot space reduction: 14.45X

Snapshot space saved (MB): 171507


How can a volume sized ~ 70 GB and showing a usage size of ~106 GB be saving 2.6 GB of space?  Is there any way to 'fix' this oddity other than create another volume and just move the data?