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VMware dvSwitch Design Question

Question asked by Jeremy C. on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by Ray Olander



I am a future (proud !) owner of a CS210, and I plan to refresh my vSphere design at the same time by switching to dvSwitch.

So, here is my question concerning dvSwitch and LACP:
I have 3 esxi with 8 gigabit cards each and a stack of 4 Cisco 3750G.
I'll use iSCSI (prod) and NFS (backup) as storage protocols.
I'll also plan to use 2 dvSwitch:

  • 1 with 4 uplinks using LACP for VM traffic, VM management, NFS, and vMotion,
  • 1 with 4 uplinks using iSCSI bindings for iSCSI (of course)

Is there any “better”/more optimized designs (like only 1 dvSwitch with 8 uplinks and overriding failover order for iSCSI) ?
Note: 10 gigabits network cards are not an affordable solutions for the moment.
Thanks for any advice.