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    New Series vs. Old Series

    Randolph Weis Wayfarer

      I'd like to find a document that discusses upgrade paths, compatibility issues and other customer concerns over the new 300/500/700 series, compared to the 200/400. Data sheets aren't enough. Anything prepared yet on this?

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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hello Randolph,


          Good question! I think the reason why this hasn't been announced and publicised yet is because it's not yet supported.


          We will support the upgrade of the CS200/CS400 (but not the CS210) to these new controllers in the future, although i'm not 100% certain what the time frame is for that.


          Sorry I can't give any more detailed information at this time. The great thing is we WILL support the upgrades of these systems and it will be data-in-place, which is the important point.