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    Nimble OS Recommendations for Scale Up

    Varghese Pulipra Cherian Wayfarer

      Hi Folks,


      What is the recommended OS for Scale up(normal mode)  do we have decrease in random OPS  for 2.0 versus 1.4,1.6 .

      Do we get the same performance no for scale up on the 2.1 considering it now support  triple parity. Do we have revised usable capacities since 2.1 use triple parity .


      Thanks for the help.




        • Re: Nimble OS Recommendations for Scale Up
          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hello Varghese,


          Scale up (add additional shelves of NL-SAS) is available in all systems running firmware or above. There is no performance impact to scaling up on any firmware (1.4.x.0, 2.0 or 2.1), as performance comes from controller CPU for IOPS & SSD for working set read cache.


          There is also no impact to implementing RAID-3P (triple parity RAID). A blog post is coming shortly on NimbleConnect discussing this point!