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Choosing Performance Policies for ESX Datastores

Question asked by crw on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by Ryan LaBarre

Is there any performance benefits of choosing a particular performance policy other then ESX 5, such as SQL Server 2012 for example, if that VMFS volume is going to host a few SQL Server 2012 Data vmdk's for example?


I am trying to ascertain the performance versus administrative overhead of simply creating for example, 20 generic vmfs data stores, choosing ESX 5 performance policy, and using them for a combination of VM's as well as larger data volumes (file servers, sql servers {ms sql, oracle and mysql}). Currently we have 68 volumes ranging from 600gb to 5.5tb, we have dedicated volumes for ms sql data, ms sql logs, exchange logs, exchange data, file servers, vdi, vm os's, etc. More or less to utilize the performance policies. However I am not sure it makes a huge difference and I think the noticeable performance improvements would likely come from having those volumes as in-guest attached iscsi versus vmdk's on vmfs data stores.