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How To Delete Orphan Replicated Volumes

Question asked by Andrew Wark on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Andrew Wark

So the process for deleting orphaned volumes that were once part of replication seems a bit ... scary.... to me.


The process as explained to me is this:

  • Promote the volcoll on the downstream
  • Go to each of the member volumes and then offline and delete them
  • Once all the volumes are gone, you can delete the volcoll itself

This scares me because IF by the wild chance someone kicks off a rescan of datastores or HBAs during the period I'm promoting and deleting these volumes (I have 9 of them totaling 1.01 TB) then they're going to conflict with the volumes associated with the very important VM that is operating on those volumes. If those volumes or the VM get even a bit dinged up it's going to be painful in the office for me haha.

Anyone killed orphaned volumes from replications without incident? Just has me a bit shaky on doing this.