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Only 1 target address in use on Nimble array after switching to Nimble PSP

Question asked by David McCoy on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2014 by David McCoy

Hi all,


I just finished upgrading my CS-220 array to FW 2.08. I've followed the guides and created my new group IP (which I set to the same as the iSCSI discovery IP, I didn't see anything that I couldn't/shouldn't do this). I also installed NCM on all 6 of my ESXi hosts, rebooted them, and went though all of my datastores and changed the from VMware Round Robin to the new Nimble PSP Directed path policy.


My CS220 has 4 iscsi data NICs configured, and when the Round Robin policy was selected on the datastores, I could see each data store had connected to each iSCSI IP on the Nimble as expected - i.e. 4 nics per ESXi host and, 4 nics on the Nimble, each data store had 4 connections to the Nimble on each of its 4 IPs. all good.


Now with the Nimble PSP selected, each datastore still makes four connections to the Nimble however all 4 all go to only one Nimble IP, the same IP for all datastores across all hosts.


Why is everything only using 1 IP/NIC on the Nimble now? This doesn't seem right...


Attached is a screen shot of one of the data stores, showing all connections going to one IP, all my datastores look the same. They used show all four Nimble IP's


Hopefully this makes sense, thanks for any help!2014-07-18_14-48-58.jpg