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Failed to Delete vCenter Snapshot

Question asked by Jason Benway on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by Jason Benway

I've been getting a warning on both our dev and prod arrays about not being able to delete a vcenter snapshot.

Failed to delete vCenter snapshot associated with volume collection ESX-Collection schedule ESX-Daily since the vCenter virtual machine snapshot tasks have not yet completed.


I found another post here talking about too many vms on a volume with a recommendation of around 10-12 vms per volume and the discussion went on to talk about queue depth extra...


I'm guessing that's my issue I run many more vms per volume.


this is our first time with storage level snaps. Before with our EMC we didn't pay for them.

I don't replicate the nimble snaps I'm just doing them once a day because I can.


In prod I have about 220 vms, so I would need about 22 volumes to keep around 10 vms per volume... That's a lot more to manage