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Replication and Renaming Volumes

Question asked by Brian Riffle on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by Brian Riffle

We have some volumes that are currently named "test-<volume>"  We are testing some new tools in our datacenter.


We want to setup replication, to our DR site, and have it replicate the few TB of data across.  Part of the reason, is we want to run simulated loads, and see how much replication bandwidth it will use, how big the snapshots will be, etc.


However, before we "go live" we will need to rename the volumes to remove the 'test-' from the start of the names. (and address the servers that connect to the targets, etc.


If I simply rename, and don't change the protection templates at all, etc, will this force a complete resync of data? and/or create a whole second set of volumes? or will this intelligently rename the volumes on the other end of the replication?


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