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Volume Collection Powershell Script

Question asked by Paul Ramkumar on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by aquaman

Does anyone know how to create a volume collection snapshot through powershell, for individual volumes looks ok but I cant seem to get the syntax right to snap a volume collection and replicate it.


Im trying to use the Nimble powershell kit.












   Creates a new






   Takes a new
snapshot of a specified volume, allowing you to control if its writeable and if
its online or not.






   Get-NSVolume -name testvol | New-NSSnapshot -name Test1
(need something like this for volume collections)






   Another example of
how to use this cmdlet






function New-NSSnapshot


















# New name for snapshot












# volume you'd like to take a snapshot of. This uses a Vol objecct, for
pipeline use with other cmdlets












# Volume you'd like to take a snapshot of












# Volume collection you'd like to take a snapshot of.