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    Storage of image data storage applications by Nimble

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      It has proposed a storage system to customers who are now, I would like to receive advice

      I'm feeling a little doubt in the following customer requirements, since the image data match, or use in NIMBLE, but sought an implementation example in the case of using a nimble.

      At this time, we recognize that there is a need to launch a file in the NFS service (or CIFS), but the bottleneck in Nimble between this service will also be worried about.

      Conflict is Dell Compellent SL4020, IBM Flash system,


      • Capacity: (I want to be as extended to about 100TB) 50TB

      • data is image data, compression is 90 percent even if it takes

      Casually from the application side, the 100 access at the same time as about 5MB 1 data around

      • Read Sequential IO main (Read: Write ratio is about 9:1)

      • (in each case, hot data fluctuations intermittently) different data to be always Read

      • When in environments where you have saved in the HDD of the current situation, there is such as changing the file placement,

        Delay of reading time due to the HDD seek challenges

      • you want to do file sharing in terms of data management, but due to protocol overhead of file sharing

      Concerned about the deterioration of the performance. Best if you can access at the block level, it is possible to have a system of file sharing.

      • that it is a mechanism that as HW, the time it takes to rebuild, not stop and the time it takes to firmware

      You want to avoid, etc. can not be accessed from the user side.


      Best Regard.