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UCS iSCSI Boot Dual Subnets

Question asked by Kassim Ismail on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by Kassim Ismail

Hi All,


we have setup a UCS with Nimble CS220G & connecting via the appliance ports. We have set it up as per the guides on this forum & so far we are able to iSCSI boot ESXi from a Nimble volume. Few things we are not clear on are:


1) when a blade boots into ESXi & just after the console logon screen appear, we see two connection initiators from UCS (one from each fabric) in the Nimble GUI, but then a few seconds later the connection initiator from fabric b disappears in the Nimble GUI & it does not re-appear until we go through a reboot again. should that be happening? i would expect to see both initiators from UCS fabric A & B. is that correct?


2) Within ESXi, we see the iSciBootvSwitch is created with one vNic & the IP info for the initiator from fabric A.


3) possibly a stupid question, but under storage adapters > isci adaptors, should we be seeing both initiators from UCS? currently we only see the one from fabric A.


4) Do we need to install anything on the ESXi side?


Any help on this would be appreciated.


We are running the following:

Nimble OS 2.0.8 with Virtual IP's

UCSM 2.2

Dual subnets