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Nimble Storage Snapshots of an Exchange DAG?

Question asked by julez on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2014 by julez

So I have a question while configuring our protection policy for our new Exchange 2013 DAG.  Previously we had used a mailbox server cluster and had taken a snap of the cluster rather than something like a DAG.


Our databases and logs are on MS iSCSI volumes.

We have two servers in an Exchange DAG that have a 50/50 split of mailbox databases.


First thing that comes to mind is that we should just snap all the database volumes on both servers whether they're active or passive, but the second thing that comes to mind is if it's necessary or not because that in theory is a lot of duplicate data.


Next (which we're not to this part in our deployment yet) is we have a remote site that will have a lagged DAG copy which is also on a Nimble SAN.  Again first thought is we just snapshot that side and be done with it.  Second thought is we replicate the snaps of the lagged copy and the primary site both ways to have redundant copies everywhere.  Again this seems like a lot of waste.


So to recap.


VMware VMDK for C: drive for all VMs


MS Guest iSCSI volumes for all

4 DB volumes, 4 Log Volumes in 1 DAG spanning sites.


Site 1




Site 2
EXCHDAG (lagged)




Thoughts on what to snapshot and what to replicate?