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    Failed to delete volume

    Peggy Wu Wayfarer
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      Hi, there is an offline volume, but cannot be deleted.

      volume name: sakoutestrep002

      / $ vol --delete sakoutestrep002

      ERROR: Failed to delete volume.

      INFO: There are volumes that are cloned from this volume. You must delete those before this volume can be deleted.


      However, the cloned volume has been deleted. And also check all of volumes again. there is no any volume related to the volume or the snapshot of the volume.


      / $ vol --info sakoutestrep002

      Name: sakoutestrep002

      Serial number: 56b00471211f916a6c9ce9003d4700a6

      iSCSI target: iqn.2007-11.com.nimblestorage:sakoutestrep002-v07309110a130d62d.0000015c.a600473d


      Owned by: nimble-ists

      Size (MB): 5120

      Pool: default

      Destination Pool:

      Performance policy: default

      Block size (bytes): 4096

      Reserve: 0.00%

      Warn level: 80.00%

      Quota: 100.00%

      Snapshot reserve: 0.00%

      Snapshot warn level: N/A

      Snapshot quota: unlimited

      Snapshot count: 1

      Volume usage (MB): 1

      Volume compression: 14.91X

      Volume space saved (MB): 26

      Snapshot usage (MB): 0

      Snapshot compression: 5.78X

      Snapshot space reduction: 130.81X

      Snapshot space saved (MB): 2

      Read only: No

      Multi-initiator: No

      Online: No

      Offline reason: User

      Clone: No

      Parent volume: N/A

      Base snapshot: N/A

      Volume collection: none

      Number of connections: 0

      Created: Apr 14 2014 15:08:40

      Last configuration change: May 14 2014 16:21:07

      Access Control List:

      Connected Initiators:

      Online Snapshots:


      / $ snap --info sakoutestrep002-testrep002-2014-04-21::00:00:00.000 --vol sakoutestrep002

      Name: sakoutestrep002-testrep002-2014-04-21::00:00:00.000

      Volume name: sakoutestrep002

      Serial number: 1a4a3afe5349690c6c9ce9003d4700a6

      iSCSI target: iqn.2007-11.com.nimblestorage:sakoutestrep002-sakoutestrep002-testrep002-2014-04-21::00:00:00.000-v07309110a130d62d.0000015c.a600473d.s07309110a130d62d.0000017c.0000b118

      Description: Created by protection policy sakoutestrep002 schedule testrep002

      Size (MB): 5120

      Status: Okay

      Allow writes: No

      Online: No

      Offline reason: User

      New data (MB): 0

      New data compression: 5.78X

      Number of connections: 0


      Origination group name/ID: nimble-ists

      Is replica: No

      Replication status: Complete

      Created: Apr 21 2014 00:00:00

      Last configuration change: May 14 2014 16:21:13

      Initiators connected:


      Any idea?