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MPIO for Hardware iSCSI HBAs

Question asked by George Kenny on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by Nick Dyer

Dear community.


I have a setup that is slightly ancient, but trying to get running under best possible configuration.


I am running ESX4 (not ESXi), on Dell servers with HARDWARE QLOGIC iSCSI HBAs.


I only have 2 hardware HBAS and reading the Nimble vmware setup document (page 69) states that the software NCM is not supported with H/W iSCSI. Set my path selection policy to "round robin".


Therefore, when I connect my H/W iSCSI HBA in storage adapters and point this at my Nimble group IP, it shows up the created volumes and allows me to connect.


However, it only speaks to the Nimble on one of the nimble ports, not all FOUR - which I would expect with or without the NCM.


If I disconnect the active link, then I loose my storage.


My question is - what is the best setup practice for ESX 4 with hardware iSCSI HBAs and in doing so, should I expect my storage volumes to path over all 4 iSCSI nics on the nimble?


(Is there anything I am missing, perhaps a way to implement the MPIO or path selection policy?)