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Array and iSCSI Setup Queries

Question asked by Ross Aveling on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by Ross Aveling

Hi All,


We're looking to make a jump to a CS220 array and I've got a couple of queries on its setup that I'd like to run by the community if I may;





We'll be looking to attach the array to our iSCSI network using 4 1GbE MPIO connections from each controller and quad NICs on our clustered Hyper-V hosts.  We'll be using two new HP 2920-48G switches in a stacking config to join it all together.


I've already planned that for data volumes (SQL, Exchange etc. set with the appropriate profiles) these will be guest connected in the VMs using dedicated iSCSI connections through additional quad NICs in each host setup as virtual switches in the Hyper-V parent.  I've read previously that if you share a NIC with the parent in Hyper-V performance can suffer in the guests plus we've got plenty of NICs at hand so why not?


Previously I've been of the mind that each MPIO connection should be within it's own subnet with each subnet setup as VLANs on the switches themselves; is this still the right way of doing things as some Nimble documentation I've seen shows the array setup with multiple data IPs all within the same subnet?  I've also checked out part 1 of the Nimble OS 2.0 posts dealing with manual vs automatic networking and if I understand correctly seperate VTIPs are needed for each MPIO subnet used, correct?  Also, when using automatic networking are Discovery IP addresses still a consideration or do VTIP's replace them completely?

VM boot VHDs and Hyper-V CSVs



I've checked the best practices guide for Hyper-V and it recommends to dedicate a CSV volume for each VM boot VHD to take advantage of Zero-Copy Cloning to minimise the space taken up.  I will be migrated existing VM VHD's from our current setup to the Nimble and so have no plans to use Zero-Copy Cloning anyway.  As such I'm planning an creating a single CSV to store all our boot VHD's - I'm guessing this arrangement won't introduce any performance penalties will it?


Of course perfecting the setup will be much easier once I'm in posession of the new kit but I'm trying to get a basic idea going in my head now of how things should be done so appreciate any advice anyone can offer.


Many thanks in advance.