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Nimble and Solarwinds SNMP

Question asked by Anthony Winter on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by Jacob Vickers

Hi all,


We have recently installed a Nimble Storage product into our environment and wanted to monitor via SNMP more effectively. We use Solarwinds products for monitoring in our environment. It seems to have picked up that it is a Nimble but the model is listed incorrectly and really there isnt any relevant information apart from the unit being up or down that is coming out of it. I dont have a lot of experience with the Solarwinds side of things but does anyone else out there use it with Nimble and are getting decent information out of it? I have downloaded the MIBs but am not sure if I have applied them correctly or whether it is just default Solarwinds information that is being picked up. Any help would be appreciated.