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SQL Server Backup Performance (Not Using Nimble VSS Snapshots)

Question asked by julez on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by julez

So just stay with me on this one, it'll sound counter intuitive at first.

Just wondering if anyone else out there is using integrated SQL Server backups that are backed up on a Nimble volume and if you've seen any performance bottlenecks.


To set the stage we have a SQL 2k8 machine, and our DBA runs full verified SQL backups each day.  The SQL server is a 2k8 r2 VM on ESXi.  VMDKs for system drives.  Then we have a windows iscsi guest initiated volume for our database volume as well as a separate one for t-logs and a backup volume, all of which are on our Nimble.  So yes we are creating a backup file on the Nimble of a database on the same Nimble.  There are some reasons for this for spinning off to tape as well as for the DBA's sanity.situation


We know there would be a performance hit in this situation than if we were backing up to a different location.  However, we see maybe an average of 20MB/s on the Nimble and next to no utilization on any network connection, no disk pressure at all, no CPU or memory contention.


I know this is all kind of vague, but curious if someone had seen this when switching from one storage provider to another.


We're working with Nimble support on this as well, but was just curious if anyone else was doing something similar and seeing 3-4x the duration.  Side note, backups aren't failing, they just take a much longer time.


Near as we can tell we're using all SQL and Nimble best practices.