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    Nimble Newbie

    harikrishna N Newbie

      Hi all,

      Im new to Nimble storage from India. Can anyone help me in learning the nimble storage (other than instructor led as im in india).


      Thanks in advance.




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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hello Hari, welcome to Nimble Storage.


          Are you looking for more information on the technology & product, or specifically about hands-on use with the gear?


          We have a series of videos available on YouTube which is a great place to start. We also have product demonstrations available to watch on the same Channel.


          We also run live Webinars every few weeks in EMEA (typically 11am GMT) which may be worthwhile joining. Topics include SQL, Exchange, Virtualisation, VDI, Infosight as well as a generic introduction to Nimble.


          I hope this is useful to you. If not, please let me know and I'll see what else might be a good resource.

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              harikrishna N Newbie

              Hi Nick,


              Thank you for the information.  I need some more info on this storage, please help me out.


              I administer netapp filers and im planning to move to nimble storage( becoz i heard alot about the nimble performance and support)


              1. Do nimble storage has any certification courses ( example nimble certified storage administrator). If so, what is the path.

              2. If i need to pursue training in India, any options available ??

              3. Any docs available for the self study.


              Thanks in advance




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                  Nick Dyer Navigator

                  Hello Hari! Thank you for the reply.


                  One of the great things about Nimble is the requirement for training is very low due to how easy the solution is to administer out of the box. There is no need for creating any RAID sets, aggregates, q-trees, flexvols, reserves or anything else you may be used to.


                  Therefore at the current time we do not offer any end-user designed training courses (we do have a classroom based session for channel partners which some end users have attended in the past). Having said this, at some point this year we may be releasing a web based course for end user training. I'm not sure what the ETA for that is today.


                  There certainly are documents available today for you to peruse and get familiar with. Are you working with a Nimble Systems Engineer today? If not, feel free to email me (nick@nimblestorage.com) and i'd be happy to send you some user guides for you to get familiar with.

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                Mark Harrison Adventurer

                YouTube is an excellent place to start. Deep dive explains the CASL file system and Nimblestorage  vision.

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                  Jeff Barnard Newbie

                  The technical Web Training is now online!.


                  Go to our new University Site:


                  Maestro 5.0: Login


                  Register as a new user.


                  Go to the Technical Sales Section and take the NSEP Courses.  (no charge). 


                  Regards,   Jeff Barnard