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Oracle Databases

Question asked by Mark Harrison on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by Mark Harrison

Since there is a hard limit of 256 volumes on a single array and we have 50+ SQL servers , on Exchange system with 27 RDM disks on NetAPP (27 iin Guest iSCSI on Nimble) , an OVM environment and then the general server fleet ...... Begs the following Question. We are considering having Dedicated Datastores 3-4 for SQL User DB's, the same number for SQL Logs and the same for TEMP Log and DB's. This equates to a toatal of 12 volumes with no more than 15 VM's per datastore. Ideally I'd like to use in guest iSCSI but breaking out the database into 3 logical drives will consume 150 Volumes so it's ruled out. If I use a similar model for oracle using VM Datastores how woul I configure the volumes i.e. Block sizes; to cache or not, compression etc. We use the OLTP model and will be looking at ASM in the future. Our current VM environment currently on NetApp has in excess of 250 VM's. Any steer on what to do here and the pro's and cons?