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Quad port MPIO performance with vSphere

Question asked by Ben Loveday on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by Ben Loveday

Hi all,


I couldn't seem to find much around this so hopefully someone out there can help me.


I am trying to find out whether I will get a higher aggregated throughput between my ESX hosts and Nimble storage if I use four 1GbE nic ports on each and configure all four ports in ESX for MPIO (instead of two).


I understand that when using iSCSI within vSphere a single iSCSI connection can't use more than one path at a time but with round robin, etc, has anyone seen an overall higher performance in this configuration?


It seems to be a configuration that isn't very common as a lot of people just move to 2 x 10GbE but in my case for this particular use-case I would struggle to justify the extra cost.


Any help would be much appreciated!