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    Is Active Twinax supported on Nimble CS240G?

    William Farmer Wayfarer

      I am attempting to connect a Nimble CS240G with 10G twinax to a Brocade VDX 6710 and the long and short of it is that apparently that the Brocade doesn't support Passive Twinax, showing the SFP+ as incompatible (Passive Twinax cables not recognized in VDX switch... - Brocade Community). Anyone have any alternative ideas? Fiber Perchance instead to get this seeded before I put it on my Catalyst 4500x? Thanks!



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          Eddie Tang Adventurer

          Hi William,


          I've done about 3 implementations with Brocade VDX 6720s with no issues using Brocade branded SFP+ Twinax cables. 


          I'd be happy to reach out to my customer who has this working and see if I can get a cable model # from them.



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            Alan Price Adventurer

            Hi Will.

            I can second Eddie's comments based on a past project.  When we were using a Brocade VDX switch in a 10GbE iSCSI pilot we found that it was very particular about the cables we could use.  Brocade twinax cable would give us a link but generic twinax cables would not (despite Brocade themselves recommending that generic cable) and we had very unstable results with third-party active twinax.  If you're not using Brocade-branded twinax already I'd certainly try that first.  Fiber is an option but you'll need to spend a bunch on the transceivers for what's obviously a very short link.  The Nimble won't care what connection it gets as long as its SFP+ compliant.  We have Cisco UCS and had to use Cisco twinax to get the Fabric Interconnects to talk to Nimble.


            Brocade 1m twinax: 10G-SFPP-TWX-0101

            Brocade 3m twinax: 10G-SFPP-TWX-0301

            Brocade 5m twinax: 10G-SFPP-TWX-0501


            Good luck!


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                Robert Dinkel Wayfarer

                Our Brocade VDX 6740(NOS 4.0.1) is using both HP re-branded and Brocade branded twinax cables and I am having zero issues.


                6740-1# show media interface tengigabitethernet 1/0/1

                  Interface        TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/1

                  Optic is not Brocade qualified, optical monitoring is not supported

                  Identifier     3    SFP

                  Name           id

                  Vendor Name    Tyco Electronics

                  Vendor OUI     00:40:76

                  Vendor PN      2074260-4

                  Vendor Rev     F



                6740-1# show media interface tengigabitethernet 1/0/24

                  Interface      TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/24

                  Identifier     3    SFP

                  Connector      33   Copper Pigtail

                  Transceiver            5580084104000002 10_GB/s TW Short_dist

                  Name           cu

                  Encoding       0

                  Baud Rate      103 (units 100 megabaud)

                  Length 9u      0   (units km)

                  Length 9u      0   (units 100 meters)

                  Length 50u     0   (units 10 meters)

                  Length 62.5u   0   (units 10 meters)

                  Length Cu      1   (units 1 meter)

                  Vendor Name    BROCADE

                  Vendor OUI     00:05:1e

                  Vendor PN      58-1000026-01

                  Vendor Rev     A

                  Wavelength     3072(units nm)

                  Options        0012

                  BR Max         0

                  BR Min         0

                  Serial No      CAMD13370013702

                  Date Code      130920

                  Optical Monitor No

                  Temperature    N/A

                  Voltage        N/A

                  Current        N/A

                  TX Power       N/A