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    Applying networking/routing changes to Nimble gear

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      There have been several situations where we found the Nimble clusters
      routing commodity iSCSI traffic through their management (1Gb) network
      interfaces, possibly as a ramification of our network environment: storage
      traffic is routed on a private IP space that is not NAT-ed to the outside
      world, so it's necessary to have IP addresses on both the private and public


      Spent some time last night flailing with the "route" command as implemented
      in Nimble's more-or-less bash shell. Found that "route --edit" commands do not
      reliably actually make the changes they should. In one case the changes seemed
      to have been applied (a "route --list" afterward showed the new settings). In
      another case the edit command seemed to apply without issues but route --list
      showed no change in the settings.


      In one case we were able to make the changes stick by removing and replacing
      the route. For the route, however, we were averse to removing it as that
      would break existing connections to a lot of running services. Instead we
      applied the changes needed so that "route --list" showed the correct settings
      regardless of whether they were being applied. Then we failed over the cluster
      from node A to node B, and then back.


      The short version. Nimble's "route --edit" command does not appear to reliably enforce
      changes. Try removing the route and replacing it, or applying it and then
      failing over the cluster to reload settings.


      Life is good.