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    Oracle option in Protection group

    Brian Riffle Wayfarer
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      In all the documentation I have seen, anytime a protection group is setup, Oracle is an option, along with None, VSS, and VCenter.  I have not been able to figure out how to get that option on my nimble.  I'm currently running 2.0.6, but didn't see it on my older firmware either.



      Is there an agent software I need to install to enable this?


      For example, its page 13 here: https://infosight.nimblestorage.com/docs/downloads/tr-nimblestorage-oracle-test-dev-guide.pdf

      page 12: https://infosight.nimblestorage.com/docs/downloads/bpg_nimble_storage_oracle_disaster_recovery.pdf


      Am I missing a step?  I would love to have the ability to schedule on the array. I know I can do some similar things with Cron on the server, but then how would I "clean up" old snapshots, etc.  Not to mention there is no Role Based Access on the nimble, so every machine would be able to SSH into the array and do anything to any volume.

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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hello Brian, welcome to Nimble Connect.


          Thanks to the Nimble Autosupport and Infosight monitoring we have the ability to monitor what features are being used and what aren't in the field. As it turns out, the Oracle DB consistency group setting was a very rarely used setting, as the majority of Oracle users much prefer to use built in Oracle tools and scripts to schedule creation and deletion of consistent database snapshots and replication. The scripts have the ability to state whether to delete or retain a certain amount of snapshots/replicas that are needed. We have sample scripts for this available - please ask your Nimble SE for these.


          Therefore the ability to create Oracle DB syncronisation within the Nimble UI has been removed. I believe the documentation you reference indicates that you should select "none" as a consistency point when creating or scheduling snapshots via the UI. You can also see that the screenshots are of the older 1.4.x OS - as the documents are refreshed for 2.0 the screenshots will not show an "Oracle" option.


          You make a great point about not having RBAC available within the system. Nimble OS 2.1 should make you a happy camper...!