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    Discussion: how are you protecting your data?

    Jason Liu Adventurer

      I just read this blog by Sean:

      The Importance of Having a Storage System as Robust as Your Data Protection Policy

      and it triggered this question to me: What is the best way to protect your data? Is setting up a DR site and proper snapshot replication good enough? Do you test the snapshots periodically? Do you still use tapes fairly frequently to back up your data if you have a DR site?


      Currently I have a CS260G as our production storage and a CS220 at a DR site as replication partner. My plan is to only use tapes once every year for longer data retention. Now I'm wondering: Could that type of disaster in Sean's blog happen to me? What do I do if it happened?


      Not that I don't trust Nimble product, it's the best storage I've ever used. But I think this topic is worth discussing and seeing what other people are doing to protect their data may help you better protect your data as well.



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          David Tan Adventurer

          The situation in the article sounds like they had backups but no DR. They were therefore always at risk of what happened.


          Your setup is different because you have a replication partner for DR so you would be in a much better situation if you lost your primary, provided you can actually bring up your application services on the DR site (having storage on its own in a 2nd site would not be classified as DR). As long as your snapshots and replication is setup correctly and you are using application consistent snapshots then your data is 100% safe on the DR array. I have more confidence with Nimble snapshots than I do with stream based backups. In saying that you should regularly test at least a sample of your snaps on the DR array, especially if you require application consistency (eg SQL Server).


          You can retain snaps for as long as capacity on DR allows - but if I had the choice I would integrate with Commvault so I could move backups out of the arrays to cloud for long term retention really easily. The only gap with Commvault/Nimble integration is the Commvault snaps cannot currently drive a replicated snapshot, so you'd need to setup a separate replication schedule. Hopefully this gap will be filled very soon . Commvault/Nimble would be my ideal backup solution - I am still trying to get Commvault in where I work and I have had a POC running for the last 4 months and its just beautiful!

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            Mark Harrison Adventurer

            Thanks to everyone for their tips and suggestions. Collectively we got there in the end.

            Fabulous forum