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Discussion: how are you protecting your data?

Discussion created by Jason Liu on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Mark Harrison

I just read this blog by Sean:

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and it triggered this question to me: What is the best way to protect your data? Is setting up a DR site and proper snapshot replication good enough? Do you test the snapshots periodically? Do you still use tapes fairly frequently to back up your data if you have a DR site?


Currently I have a CS260G as our production storage and a CS220 at a DR site as replication partner. My plan is to only use tapes once every year for longer data retention. Now I'm wondering: Could that type of disaster in Sean's blog happen to me? What do I do if it happened?


Not that I don't trust Nimble product, it's the best storage I've ever used. But I think this topic is worth discussing and seeing what other people are doing to protect their data may help you better protect your data as well.