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Re-seed Former Replica

Question asked by Jordan Loehr on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by Dan King

I'm wonder what is the best way to re-seed a volume that was previously replicated, but then replication was turned off (but the downstream replica wasn't deleted).


Can you just turn back on replication for that volume and it will resync everything with the offline replica on the downstream array, or do you have to 'claim' the downstream replica and delete it before turning replication for the volume on the upstream array back on?


(For a better picture):
Array A has a volume that was previously being replicated to Array B
After a while we decided to stop replicating this volume to Array B (due to bandwidth constraints at the time), but left the orphaned 'offline replica' on Array B
Now that the bandwidth constraints are resolved, can we just enable replication of that volume again on Array A and it will resync with the orphaned 'offline replica' on Array B, or do we need to delete the orphaned replica first?