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Volumes Reporting Over 100% Space Utilization

Question asked by Ryan Musgrave on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Ryan Musgrave

Hello -


I'm experiencing an issue where some volumes that have a lot of churn end up reporting over 100% space utilization.  One example is a drive that we are using to store SQL backups.  We're running Windows 2008R2, SQL 2008, and Nimble CS260G


Every night we drop copies of our databases onto the T: drive, which is a 100GB fully thin-provisioned volume.  This process also deletes any backups that are older than 2 days.  When I look at the volume in Windows, we are using 60GB of space.  When looking in the Nimble Array, it reports that we are using 172.31 of 100 GB.


I understand that there's no way for 2008R2 to natively give space back to the array, but I don't understand how it can take up more than 100% of the space that it has been given.  Has anyone else run into something like this?  It's currently not an issue for us but I could see this becoming a problem months/years down the road.