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    Renaming an Array

    Joel Sprague Newbie

      I've been asked to rename one of our arrays to make InfoSight a bit easier to read, etc.  Is there anything I need to be concerned about when doing so?  We currently are utilizing the array for iSCSI storage to a vsphere 5.5 cluster.  Obviously, I don't want to interrupt that access.  The array in question is a CS240G-X2



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          Todd Moore Adventurer

          No worries. It will show up as a "new array" in Infosight with all the trending beginning right when you make the change. There is nothing involving connectivity with the hosts that is tied to the array name.

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            Paul Frisoli Adventurer

            Hi Joel,


            You can modify the name of the array either via the GUI or CLI. I would certainly pick a maintenance window to do this as I do with all changes, but there should be no impact as the presentation of Nimble is at the group level not array level. I would suggest upgrading to the latest firmware release prior to making the change as a best practice. I hope this helps.