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MSSQL Application Consistent Snapshots

Question asked by Stephen Elaschuk on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 24, 2014 by Mark Harrison

This is more of an SQL question than a nimble specific one but I'm thinking the brilliant people here may be able to help.

Where should the system database/logs (ie. master.mdf/master.lfg) reside? If for example your SQL server is running on VMware and you have 3 separate LUNs (OS, SQL Data, SQL Log) and SQL Data/Log, all of which are running as VMDK on VMFS (no RDM). User databases reside on the SQL Data/Log LUNs, but System databases still reside in the default OS location. Volume snapshots for SQL Data/Log are set to use VMware integration to snapshot the VM before taking volume snapshots, but the OS volume is not. Is this setup going to cause a problem, as the system databases by default will not quiesce when nimble snapshots are taken?