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    Oracle Performance Policy

    Sammy Bogaert Wayfarer



      we are setting up Oracle on Nimble.



      The LUN layout will be seperate LUNs for DBF, FRA & Backup (backup won't be stored on the Nimble, so that won't be an issue here).


      For DBF, the perf policy will be Oracle OLTP.  But what do i pick for the FRA volume?  For SQL & Exchange, log volumes don't have caching enabled because there are mostly writes happening to those volumes.  Wouldn't this be the same for Oracle FRA volumes?




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          Nick Dyer Navigator

          Hi Sammy,


          the FRA is a series of log volumes for Oracle ASM, and as such I would create a new Performance Policy with caching turned off (call it "Oracle-FRA" perhaps) - and my guess is the block size would be 4k. Compression turned on.


          Interestingly, if you have any temp-db for Oracle you should also assign them a Performance Policy which doesn't cache - reason being Nimble will still read data back from NVRAM or DRAM if it's available even if caching's turned off by design!