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New Nimble Customer - VDI Sizing Questions

Question asked by Brian Nelson on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by nglick

Hello Nimble community, my company is about to become a Nimble customer and we are very excited about what this means to the performance of our Virtual Servers and VDI environments!


I have been reading tons of information on proper sizing for VDI and Virtual Servers but have found some conflicting best practices and wanted to get some validation from the community.

I am very aware that Best Practices don't fit all use cases but here are my questions:


1. Block size for VDI Gold Images should be 4K?

2. Gold Images, Replicas and Linked-Clones should reside in their own respected datastores (multiple datastores for Linked-Clones)

3. Should I apply different performance profiles to each type of datastore for VDI? Gold Image, Replicas and LC's?

4. We use Veeam as our backup solution, is it better to use Veeam as deep backups and utilize Nimble Snapshots for <72 Hour Point in Time restore points? or the other way around?

5. When building Fault Tolerant Datastores will it be completely de-duped? e.g.: File Server is in Datastore 1, FT instance is in Datastore 2 (zero block change because of CASL and De-Dupe?)

6. Do people separate Exchange into it's own datastores and apply performance profiles or include into other Server Datastores?

7. Would like to get some feedback from users on how they designed their file server, from Nimble's document there are various configuration options. Does anyone have experience with the Win2012 Clustered scenario?


That should be a good start!


I am curious to hear from other VDI shops how you sized/built your datastore designs, pain points you experienced or lessons learned.


Again we are very excited to become a Nimble shop because of the great benefits and features of the Hybrid Storage design.


Here is the first of many posts!


Thank you in advance.