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    Nimble Network - 2 isolated switches

    Brian Beaulieu Newbie

      Is anyone running a configuration where each Nimble 10G connection goes into an isolated switch?

      Most hosts are ESX.

      Would I have a software initiator for each "fabric"?

      or a single software initiatior with each vmkernel interface? (Each interface would end up being on a separate subnet/network)



        • Re: Nimble Network - 2 isolated switches
          Shawn Peters Wayfarer

          Ya we have two isolated switches & networks for the iSCSI traffic.


          Your ESXi hosts can have only a single Software Initiator, but you need to create two separate virtual networks (unless your splitting things up with VLANS).

          Here is a screen shot from vCenter.


          2 separate virtual switches  (note that I setup the vSwitch's for local vm iSCSI traffic too)


          Here is a rough logical wiring diagram I made up for our networks way back.



          Let me know if you have any other questions.