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Questions About Configuring Multipath Devices into Logical Volume [Linux]

Question asked by jonp on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by jonp

I'm trying to create a logical volume in RHEL 5 from a volume on my Nimble SAN.


Where I am lost is, once multipathing is configured and both NICs are bound to the software iSCSI initiator, I see two multipath devices showing in fdisk (dm-2 and dm-3).


Do I partition both devices and add them into a single logical volume, or have I done something wrong?


What I have done so far (following the guide provided by Nimble):

  • Created the volume on the Nimble and assigned the initiator group from the Linux host to it.
  • Configured both NICs (separate subnets) and bound them to the iSCSI software initiator.
  • Configured multipathing.
  • Discovered targets.
  • Logged into targets.