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    Need an ad-hoc clone and cleanup script?

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      Here are two scripts that would allow Linux Admins to create an ad-hoc clones of Nimble production volumes and cleanup afterwards.


      The create_clone_non-oracle.sh script does the following:

      1. Create a snapshot of a volume collection.

      2. Create clone volumes from the snapshot and map to a server running the script.

      3. Run iSCSI discovery and login.


      This script requires a configuration file to be passed as an argument.  Sample attached.


      The cleanup_clone_non-oracle.sh script does the following:

      1. Clean up the clone volumes on the server running the script.

      2. Delete the clone volumes on Nimble array.

      3. Properly clean up volume iSCSI information on the server.

      4. Delete the snapshot.


      This script also requires the same configuration file as the create script to be passed as an argument.


      Disclaimer: These scripts are used and tested in my environment.  Not all environments are the same.  Test and modify if necessary.  Use at your own risk.