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Connecting Storage using Oracle on VMware

Question asked by Brian Riffle on Dec 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by eforgette

We are looking at running Oracle on VMWare (5.1)


I have read the best practices for Nimble and VMware, and the best practices for Nimble and Oracle.. not sure how to best combine them.


Right now, our biggest question is storage:


Do we have the guests connect directly via ISCSI to the nimble?

Do we have the guests connect via vmware RDM?

do we have the guests use the VMWare VDMK's..


We have tested with going direct ISCSI, but currently only have a single machine running the "free" esxi for testing.. I have new hardware coming in soon, so I am going to be testing more.. but some of the things we are not yet able to test include the VMWare plugin for nimble (it seems to need vSphere) and migration of live vm's.


We're not sure what direct ISCSI might do to with migrations, and were not sure how the vmware plugin and RDM will work together.


Any tips or pitfalls to look out for?  We are hoping to automate the process of mounting 'clone' databases also in vmware, taken from snapshots of the server.