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CommVault and Nimble Integration

Question asked by C W on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by Mark Harrison

Hi All,


This question is not necessarily related directly to Nimble, but revolves around the integration of Nimble, Commvault IntelliSnap, and ESXi. We are in the process of revisiting our VMFS layout's and are looking at consolidating a number of current vmfs volumes that contain single vmdk's that are assigned to individual servers, to less, larger VMFS volumes, since the storage backing these volumes are all the same, I dont see there being a performance penalty. This is not for VMFS volumes hosting VM's, but for data volumes attached to individuals guest vm's.


We are not yet a Commvault customer but are seriously considering going this route. We will be beginning our evaluation in the new year. What I am trying to understand, is if there any best practices around Nimble and Commvault for VMFS volume sizes, when it comes to snapshotting a VMFS volume. Are 3 and 4tb VMFS volumes with anywhere  from 5-20 vmdk's per volume okay? I have been unable to find any best practices, and since I know Commvault and Nimble have worked on integration of their respective products, I was hoping some fellow Nimble customers might be able to provide some feedback, guidelines or point me in the right direction.


My contact at Commvault has been difficult to work with in coordinating time to get in touch with engineers, so I am turning to the community here.