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Not sure exactly what the compression factor really means

Question asked by David Crouch on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Matthew Andersen

I have a 2 TB volume presented to vSphere and don't understand what the reported compression rate really means


According the the GUI, the compression factor is "This value is the compression factor of the volume (including snapshots).

Compression factor = Pre-compressed space / Post-compressed space."


So - the pre-compressed space is what vSphere reports as used ?

       post-compressed space is what the Nimble GUI shows as  primary used + snapshot used?


if so, then the compression rate should be 1.62 TB / 630 GB which yields ~ 2.7 but the Nimble GUI show 1.31 as the compression factor.


Obviously, I'm missing something here.




I have a 2 TB volume presented to vSphere 5.1


Virtual Center shows

Capacity : 2 TB

Privisioned Space : 1.62 TB

Free Space : 384 Gb


Nimble GUI shows

Volume Space

Size    2.0 TB

Used 246 GB

Reserve 0

Quota 2.0 TB

Primary Compression 1.31 X

Primary Space Saved 76 Gb

Snapshot Sapce

Used 386 GB

Reserve 409 GB

Quota Unlimited

Backup Compression 1.29x