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    MPIO connections dropping until connection unavailable

    Sean Patterson Wayfarer
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      On our File Server, things have been running smoothly, then slowly we noticed our connection to the iSCSI initiated (MPIO script used to setup pathing) Volume dropping. Initially it was only 1/2 then randomly the volume was unavailable until NICs reset or Guest restarted. Now its becoming more frequent, running only about 2 hours before volume is unavailable. Server was originally Windows 2012, but recently changed to 2012 R2 to see is MPIO changes helped. Unfortunately they did not. We have other VMs configured this way that do not have the same issues. One being a SQL Server also running Server 2012 R2 with 3 Volumes connected this way. Against recommendations I am thinking of trying the e1000e to see if its a possible driver related issue. Any thoughts?


      Host: ESXi 5.5 - Same problem on 5.1

      Server: VMware Guest - Windows Server 2012 R2

      2 iSCSI NICs: using e1000 not e1000e and

      Discovery IP on CS220: