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    iscsi Target info in GUI

    jeff.lefkowitz@extrateam.com Newbie

      Is there a plan to get the iscsi target information into the GUI.  Not that its tough to get it out of the CLI but its another step in the process, especially when you are doing boot via iscsi.  Having to the GUI for setup of everything but the target data slows down the process.



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          Eddie Tang Adventurer

          Hi Jeff,


          There is an existing request for enhancement for this feature and I ran into this myself when attempting to configure boot-from-SAN with Cisco UCS.  For anybody else who wishes to request this enhancement, please feel free to open a support case and reference RFE 15793.  Engineering reviews these requests for enhancements and prioritize based on customer feedback so hearing this feedback is invaluable in helping us prioritize the features\enhancements you want.