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Differences in Volume Space Reporting

Question asked by Robert Moody on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by epedersen



I recently received an alert message from our Nimble indicating that we have reached the 80% threshold on a particular storage volume. We cleared some of the data and freed up quite a bit of space. However, over the weekend I received another alert about the 80% mark.


When I look at the Nimble volume, I am seeing a volume size of 3.5TB and USED is at 2.81TB. This indicates no change in data usage at all.


When I look at the Linux server this volume is mounted to, I see

/dev/mapper/Apps2bkup-apps2bkup    3.5T  1.6T  1.7T  49% /bkup

(3.5T - SIZE, 1.6T - USED, 1.7T - AVAILABLE)


Can anyone assit me in determining why the reporting difference?

Is there a maintenance procedure I need to run on Nimble to free/clear this space?


Thank you for your assistance,


Bob Moody