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Question on nimble performance policy for ESX and block size tuning

Question asked by Alan Rutledge on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Alan Rutledge

It my understanding from best practice doc(bpg_nimble_storage_vmware_vsphere5.pdf) that any LUN which will contain VMFS datastores should be set to use the ESX performance policy.


It is also my understanding that this policy uses a 4k block size on nimble.


My question is in regards to the block alignment document:  Does the table on page 3/4 also apply to VMDKs on VMFS volumes or does this only apply to volumes directly mounted using MS iSCSI initiator, etc?  If it does apply to VMFS should there be a column referencing VMware block size of 1MB(or 8k sub allocation) blocks, etc and that taken into account when discussing?