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    MPIO Setup (iSCSI Target Portals Question)

    Sean Patterson Wayfarer

      Is it best to use the single Discovery IP address for the Target Portal, or use each Interface IP as Target Portals when setting up for MPIO.

      Discovery IP:

      Interface IPs:



      I am running the Script to setup the MPIO, and set it both ways as a test. Discovery IP setups 4 paths where using each setup 16 paths. Which is correct?

        • Re: MPIO Setup (iSCSI Target Portals Question)
          Nick Dyer Navigator

          In 1.4.x it's best to use the Discovery IP address as the target portal, although it is entirely possible to discover iSCSI volumes through any physical data port from the Nimble array.


          In Nimble OS 2.0 we introduce the idea of Virtual Target IP addresses which allow for a bit more flexibility of discovering and MPIO'ing volumes through Windows and VMware, through a toolset called Nimble Connection Manager (so no more scripting for MPIO). If you're interested give your local SE a shout. You can also pull down the document for these tools from Infosight->Downloads now, although PLEASE do not install the 2.0 Windows or VMware toolkits unless you have access to 2.0 firmware on your array.